Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Misguided Tries to Argue – Round One

You probably recall Misguided – he’s the teacher with the hair and the opinions and the ability to empathise.

Got caught in a bit of a debate with him at lunchtime. Naturally, having been educated at Oxford, I trounced him. It went something like this.

Misguided asked: ‘Are you not contradicting yourself when you attack an alleged culture of anti-competitiveness? You lament that “All must have prizes, all must have GCSEs, all must have a place at university…” then go on to claim that the system has failed students who do not win prizes, GCSEs and places at university.’

I responded: ‘Racism is a complex thing. It is not a blunt instrument.’

One, nil.


  1. Fear not, Miss Snuffy. The Tory plan to eliminate mediocrity and anti-competitiveness is getting into its stride. A return to the days of schools not being able to afford enough pieces of paper for each child to have their own in the classroom is not far off now. (Some of us remember this from the last Tory government) That should reintroduce some healthy competition and ensure that only the truly deserving make it to Oxford.

  2. Hoorah! @joshanthi.

    people like you and I need to look up to people like Miss G. Teachers like Mr Misguided and the other Marxists aren't really in a position to comment when not only have they not been to Oxford, but they also haven't got a blog or written a book, or been on Newsnight, or endlessly wandered around Brixton being recognised by people who need their help, ideologically. Mr Misguided should go and work in a factory. Why won't the British working classes do the jobs that immigrants are prepared to do?

  3. @joshanthi and @ilovemisssnuffy,

    Thank you both for your kind comments. Josh, I agree absolutely with your point about paper. I have long been lobbying our Head to stop wasting school funds on endless piles of paper for ordinary kids to scrawl on. If these kids need paper - and I don't write any of them off, you know that - if they need paper, and they've any gumption, they'll find paper.

    Once again, flattered as I am by the comparison, might I remind you both that I am not the legendary Miss Snuffy, although I certainly recognise there are many similarities between us. But then, there are hundreds of us, thousands even, fighting this battle. Our leaders are - nominally - in power, yet not a day must pass when we do not resist the terrible legions of the Liberal Left and their awful plans for Equality, Fairness and all of its attendant horrors.